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You Might Be a Business Analyst

The role of business analyst falls under many job descriptions. I talk to people all time that are business analysts, only they don’t know it. Maybe the have the job title of “technical writer” or “program manager”, but in reality, they are analyzing the business.  Here are some signs you might be a business analyst.. If you create a weighted score card with evaluation criteria to select your next new car… If you ask “why” so many times that your peers start to talk to you like a two-year old… If you spend your time in line (queue) thinking of five better ways to do business and speed things up… If it takes you longer to document your BA history for the CBAP then you actually do working… If your partner is upset with you on their birthday and you suggest celebration requirements were ambiguous… If you visit a brewery and document the brewing process on a napkin… If you make a process flow chart for your trip to the supermarket… If you write down the proposal discussion with your parents about girl you love on a Visio diagram… If very few people know what you do, but you could add value to any company on the planet… If while standing in a single line you count the people in front of you and divide by the number of cashiers serving customers to figure estimated waiting time.. Do you want to join in the conversation? Visit the  Business Analysis Times LinkedIn group! Printable PDF version

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You Might Be a Business Analyst

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