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What the well-traveled project manager needs–a bulletproof briefcase

This bag could save your life At some point in your career you may have to turn into a real road “warrior.”  If so, you just might want to own this Kevlar-enforced briefcase which, when open, turns into a ballistic shield protecting you from handgun rounds up to .44 Magnum and 9mm submachine rounds (it carries a rating of NIJ Level IIIA).  It won’t stop everything though; for example, it won’t stop high-velocity rifle rounds, such as from an AK 47, or irate stakeholders,  but that’s life I guess. Made by China’s Leison Global , and sold by US21 , a ballistic-protection-product supplier in Fairfax, Virginia, it has three Kevlar soft armor panels on both sides of the briefcase (and one in the middle), and you can open it with a flick of the wrist in two seconds (bullets do go faster than that so better be ready). It weighs 4 pounds and it actually has pockets for folders, pads, files and anything you want to throw in there, including room for a thin laptop. While you might think I’m being ridiculous think again. If you work for the State Department, Department of Defense, or one of their contractors (or your country’s version of same), and you’re on projects in Iraq or Afghanistan, this protection could come in handy. How about if you travel to certain places in Mexico for your business where the drug wars are out of control and kidnapping is just a way of life, wouldn’t this bag come in handy?  I had a friend who traveled to Ciudad Juarez every week for more than a year on a project management consulting assignment. Had he known about this bag, I think he would have gotten one.

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What the well-traveled project manager needs–a bulletproof briefcase

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