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Week 6: Handling Unreasonable People

Prudence Project Manager was acting as the Scrum Master for an internal investigation project. The project had ill-defined requirements and a “needed it done yesterday” mentality from the sponsor, Olivia Owner. Olivia approached Prudence in the scrum team room (an open workspace) while Prudence was sitting around the table with various members of the team. They were all working independently on Sprint execution tasks when Olivia announced she had a high priority task.  Prudence asked Olivia if she’d like to take a walk and discuss it or grab an office.  Olivia declined and said she had no time and wanted to convey it as quickly as possible. The team had previously developed a formal request process to make sure everything needed to evaluate a request was captured, and either delivered it or provided an estimate to deliver.

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Week 6: Handling Unreasonable People

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