Traditional Project Management Software has Flatlined. It’s time to Evolve.

In life we are taught that if something is broken, we should fix it. So why doesn’t that apply to broken software then? As a project manager you focus on traditional PPM, but doesn’t your work encompass much more than just traditional PPM?

The truth is our work has evolved and traditional PPM tools fail to adapt to how our teams work today. Much of the work our teams do is repeatable, frequent, and requires significant collaboration, but is often mismanaged due to lack of visibility into the work the team is doing, and poor prioritization —or perhaps different prioritization from one team member from the next. Then there are also fifteen different ways internal and external requests are coming in: desk drive-bys, sticky notes, white boards, excel spreadsheets, email, voicemail, and sometimes even through a broken PPM tool. It is really no wonder that the end result is complete chaos.

Traditional project management software is just another tool— what you really need is a solution that offers one single system of truth.

AtTask’s Enterprise Work Management software offers a single system of work.

  • End-to-end work lifecycle. One system that manages the entire lifecycle of all types of work—both structured and unstructured—from initial request to delivery and measurement.
  • Unified collaboration. One system that reduces the information overload you feel by cutting out excess tools and connecting collaboration with work. This means more context, less meetings.
  • Work automation. One system that streamlines your repeatable work processes using custom built templates and process improvement to improve your team’s productivity and efficiency.

AtTask’s Enterprise Work Management Software offers a single system of engagement.

  • Single tool. One system that combines everyone’s individual work management needs and processes into a single tool, eliminating silos and frustration.
  • User adoption. One system that people will actually use because it’s easy, relevant, and works the way people naturally work so it isn’t just another step in an already complicated process.

AtTask’s Enterprise Work Management Software offers a single system of truth.

  • Work visibility. One system that provides all levels of an organization with visibility and insights into the truth about workloads, dependencies, and when things will really be done.
  • People visibility. One system that gives managers and senior managers visibility into who is working on what, who has bandwidth, and how to justify the resources you have, and the ones you still need.

AtTask Enterprise Work Management is more than just a tool, it’s a solution that eliminates the chaos and frustration broken tools and working in silos can cause. The end result is visibility that everyone from executives to team members can trust. Increased visibility leads to projects being completed on time, on budget, because everyone is focused on the right type of work at the right time..

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