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The Ocean of Project Management

After last month’s analogy on project management – the Picture and Sound of a PM – this week I was musing about a recent trip to Cape Town’s aquarium and sure enough the whole world of project management is right there under the water. Not convinced? Let’s start right at the bottom of the food chain- all those delightful little clownfish (Nemo to me and you) that are down at the project level, working away with their teams to get the project done Sometimes it gets emotional, stressful and just so tiring Then we have the PMO, swimming about all stealth like – up and down the levels, one minute it’s down in the murky depths of projects, the next its swimming around near the top – stingray portfolio office Then we get the bigger guys, the programme guys, happy to swim mid level, looking down on our clownfish projects whilst keeping an eye above for the predators Which must mean that our top level guys are the sharks right? Ready to take a few clownfish projects out or pulled the programmes if need be But what about the stakeholders? They’re busy sucking their teeth and giving disapproving looks Or just invisible until they decide to sting you And the sponsor? Well the Cape Town aquarium promised turtles too, just diving in every so often but you guess what?

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The Ocean of Project Management

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