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The Focused Organization – Nov 02,2022

KPS is excited to host the #PMChat Pre-Game show from 11:30-11:45am (EST) each Friday. This week we are talking about the Focused Organization with Antonio Nieto-Rodriguez, an expert in strategy execution and project management. He currently works for BNP Paribas Fortis as Head of Transversal Portfolio Management, which deals with the prioritization, the selection and the execution of all the large strategic projects. He is a visiting professor in Solvay and Nyenrode Business Schools where he teaches strategy execution and program management to MBA students. Project Management Chat (#PMChat) is a weekly discussion hosted by Robert Kelly and Rob Prinzo, on Twitter, each Friday from 12-1pm (EST). The topics will focus on Project Management & Leaderships techniques, best practices, and so on. In addition to both Robs being named to the Top 10 Up & Coming Project Managers on Twitter, their partnership offers nearly 30 years of diverse experience to the #PMChat participants.

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The Focused Organization – Nov 02,2022

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