The Five W’s of Project Planning | How to Manage a Camel

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Some of our favorite project folks are across the pond at Arras People. Honestly. Through our years of collaboration, we have watched them grow into a true industry thought leader. There are too many firms simply pushing resumes, but Arras gets the nuances and complexities of this space. We promise we aren’t compensated by them in any fashion…our funds come from the #PMChat ‘Store’ (an Amazon front really).

Anyway, we wanted to share this post that Ashley wrote. The simplicity of it all is brilliant and will absolutely help you position your project for success out of the gate….

Project Planning should start with the 5W questions before getting to the How

As I have watched my two daughters develop over the past 21 years I am stuck by how their approach to gaining knowledge has matured. However, they have still retained at its core the perspective of a small child and the repetitive question – Why? – as a constant theme to understand a topic.

With all of the tools, techniques and processes available to project teams, we sometimes lose sight of the simpler perspective.

No matter the size of your project when you are determining the requirements for a new or enhanced solution, one way to ensure that you are not over-complicating things is to assess your approach from the perspective of a small child.

On project planning, understanding & communicating the five W’s can provide context and perspective for the low-level details found within the individual project plans….

Check out the entire post here:  The Five W’s of Project Planning |.