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The Careers Adviser Podcast: Sector Changes

http://traffic.libsyn.com/arraspeople/Sector_Changes__Donald_Rumsfeld.mp3 Our newer version of the Arras People Podcast publishes every second Thursday of each month (subscribe to our podcast feed here or on iTunes ), and our latest episode is in the hands of our own Lindsay Scott. This month, The Careers Adviser Podcast taps into some questions candidates often have about changing the sector they work in. And we’ll tap some of the wisdom of the man pictured below – Donald Rumsfeld, everybody. One questioner, Richard of Slough, needs a hand returning to a field he once specialised in. From the transcript: I am looking to go back into a particular field I specialised in over 5 years ago but recruiters / employers are not taking any interest, why? As we cover two questions each month in The Careers Adviser, we also tried to help out London native Amanda. A private sector healthcare systems practitioner, Amanda is thinking about possibilities on the public side of things.

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The Careers Adviser Podcast: Sector Changes

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