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Despite your best plans, what happens when things still go awry?

By Alison Smith Here in the UK over that last week or so we have suffered the usual issues with snow falling, and an inability to manage the issues that this throws up. There were plenty of advanced warnings that heavy snow was forecast; local authorities stated that they were prepared to manage the conditions. But yet again the areas … Read More > Read More »

Management-Issues Podcasts

Description: From the website: Management-Issues is an independent online resource which focuses on the leadership, management and people issues that are at the heart of the changing workplace…The site provides an objective platform for topical debate and informed opinion by thought leaders on management, leadership and human resources issues… Management-Issues has an extensive search engine presence and is a Google News source… Based in the UK, we cover workplace issues throughout the English-speaking world and beyond.” Link to Podcasts: Limitation:   None found. Publisher:    Management-Issues Ltd. What Publisher is Selling:  ”The site offers a range of services both free and paid-for from a weekly newsletter to a daily up-dated RSS newsfeed… Additional services for PR professionals and spokespeople include a Spokesperson Library and an RSS story synopsis feed for the media.” For further information on these two services, email us at: [email protected].”   Read More »

6 Reasons Why the New Book “Strategies for Project Sponsorship” Will Be an Instant PM Classic

A Review of Strategies for Project Sponsorship , by Vicki James, Ron Rosenhead, and Peter Taylor (Management Concepts Press, 2013) Strategies for Project Sponsorship  is a unique blend of practical, step-by-step tools; hard-won wisdom from the PM trenches; and solid, research-based recommendations . As a PM author reading this book, I found myself in awe of how nimbly the authors weaved together seemingly disparate elements: here citing research findings, there providing war stories or case study examples, and finally pivoting to morph these into powerful, ready-to-use tools. As someone who’s both managed projects and trained project managers for more than three decades, I know this for certain: This book should be in every project manager’s tool kit and in every project sponsor’s briefcase. Here are six reasons I believe this book will become an instant PM classic:   1. It shares powerful PM wisdom, based on real-world experience, regarding the subtle and nuanced process of sponsoring a project. A few s ample topics: What is Project Sponsorship? The Sponsor’s Role What Do the Professionals Say Read More »

Readiness: The #1 Predictor of Project Success

By Eileen Strider, Marie Benesh and Wayne Strider The Vice President was worried. The project to replace their administrative systems was gaining support and speed, but was the organization really ready to start? Could they succeed or would they be added to the litany of organizations with failed software projects? They hadn’t undertaken a major project in years.  They had bad memories from recent past projects involving software packages.  This project was going to change the way the whole organization worked, certainly staff’s job duties and maybe even the organization structure. Read More »

Moving from PM Employment to PM Contractor

A couple of weeks ago I took part in #pmchat. It’s a weekly Twitter get together for project managers to chat about.. well project management. Each Friday – using the hashtag #pmchat – a discussion on a particular topic takes place. I was asked to do one on the theme – how to move from being a full-time employee project manager to a contractor. To set the scene a blog post is put together – followed by a short radio show – you can check both of those out on the #pmchat website The great thing about Twitter is being able to have that focused conversation with people – and with limited characters so it’s fast paced and full of little nuggets The downside is that it’s incredibly difficult to share that experience with other people who are not using Twitter – because there really is some great advice out there that you could be missing out on. So I was thrilled to find that @edmontonpm makes the effort each week to produce a recap Here’s the additional things I’ve learnt from the session Moving from Employment to Contractor 1 Read More »