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Podio Collaborative Work Platform & Multi-Project Tracking

Description:   From the website – “Podio users create workspaces to collaborate with specific groups of people, use an Employee Network for company-wide communication across departments and locations, and get their work done using Podio Apps. Anyone can build their own Podio Apps without any technical skills, and can choose from hundreds of readily available, free apps in Podio’s App Market. These apps add structure to any business process or project and are connected to social, collaborative activity streams used for commenting and discussion… What really sets Podio apart is how it puts people in control of their work tools, rather than the other way around…”Podio supports these broad functions:  Project Managment Social Intranet Collaboration Product Development CRM & Lead Management Recruiting Event Management The free version supports up to 5 employees, 5 external workers, unlimited workspaces, unlimited apps , and much more.    Link: Publisher: Podio (recently become part of Citrix) – What Publisher is Selling:   Additional services, workspaces, and apps beyond the base number of 5 employees/5 external workers, etc. provided in the free version. (Students and non-profits may be provided special sponsorship. Read More »

Free Industry-Specific PM Templates from AEC Software/FastTrack Schedule

———————- EDITOR’S NOTE & WARNING: With this post  I broke my own rule about profiling only freebies that could be used on an unlimited basis.  Truth is, to use these PM freebies you will need to 1) Download a free trial version of AEC Software’s FastTrack Schedule 10 and, 2) use the free templates before the software trial period expires (21 days) . While I normally wouldn’t call something a true “freebie” when it expires so quickly, I decided that this robust-looking list of industry-specific PM templates may very well provide many new project managers with lots of good insights and technical information regarding unique project structures, best practices, and so on. Given the potential value, I decided that the “expiration” trade-off may be well worth it to some folks. My recommendation: Check out the list of free templates for yourself and see if there’s something here you can use. But remember these downloads will vanish in 3 weeks unless you purchase the software. Read More »

When to Use To Do Lists & Project Plans

Description:   This tight little 3 1/2 minute video focuses on one question: What’s the most appropriate time to use a simple “To Do List” versus a formal Project Plan? Link to video: Publisher: website What Publisher is Selling:    From the website –  “We were founded in 2008 by 3 guys who wanted to create a better toolset for managing projects. In just 12 months of going live, we grew to 25 staff and a healthy revenue stream. We now have customers in more than 100 countries and we’re one of the fastest project management service providers on the net, with our customer base doubling every 8 weeks. More than 70% of our customers are based in the USA with organizations like NASA, United Nations, Boeing and Volvo all managing projects on our platform.” Read More »

Gantter: “A Web-Based Microsoft Project”

Description:   From the Tech Republic reviewer, Andrew Makar *: ”… Project teams seeking the dynamic scheduling capability of Microsoft Project without a license fee will be pleasantly surprised with Gantter, a free project management collaboration tool that is described as a ‘web based Microsoft Project.’ Gantter’s look and feel mimics the Microsoft Project Gantt View and supports the core scheduling features required to develop and manage a project schedule…”* and it integrates with Google Drive!   Link to product: Publisher:   InQuest Technologies What Publisher is Selling:   ” IQ: Enterprise™  … a web-based solution that allows companies to configure and deploy web-based Apps that are consumable on any device, while retaining full IT control and governance over access and data.  IQ: Enterprise™  Applications “SmartApps… ”  * Andrew Makar’s  D etailed Review : Read More »