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PMP® Credential to require fingerprints and a drug test

I’m just kidding. But imagine if PMI made these a requirement? Three years ago I moved to New York City to work at the ESI International offices in the Financial District. Even though I knew Manhattan fairly well, I wanted to know the geography of New York City (I have two degrees in Geography) like a taxi cab driver. So what better way to do this than to earn my hack license from the Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC). Here’s what I had to do to earn that license. 1. Take 32 hours of mandated training provided by a TLC approved training provider (there are only four in the City) Read More »

Why do many stakeholders refuse to pay for an increase in project scope?

United Nations Complex in New York City I just read a GAO report (GAO-12-795)  describing the renovations underway at the United Nations complex which sits between 1st Ave and the East River in Manhattan. The project started in December 2006 when  the UN approved a $1.88 billion program to modernize its headquarters. In July 2012, when GAO did its study, the project was $430 million (roughly 23%) over budget. To be sure, it’s a massive multiyear complex project taking place in North America’s largest and most densely populated city. So, in many respects it’s not surprising that cost estimates developed years ago would be inaccurate given the reality of today’s situation. But what is interesting is how the UN General Assembly decided who should pay for the changes. Read More »

Ideas for Dealing with Change to Put in Your Pocket

by Eileen Strider Looking for a few simple ideas for dealing with change on your project? You’ve come to the right place. Projects drive many kinds of change. The most obvious change is how and where client users  do their work, whether the project results in a new software system, a new building or a new product. Projects often include user communication and training in their plan to help users deal with changes.  But projects can also drive other kinds of change such as New tools used by the project team members New skills required to work on the project New relationship with a new client organization New project team Project team works in a new location New vendor or partner relationship New Project Manager New relationship with project sponsors New project methodology Hardly anyone working on a project can escape dealing with some sort of change. Yet, often projects don’t recognize, acknowledge or cope with changes other than those that impact the users. Read More »

Career Insights from Seth Glickenhaus…Part 1

Seth Glickenhaus. A man with a point of view and willing to share it A few weeks ago I wrote a post entitled We should all be as lucky as Seth Glickenhaus and Pete D’Elia…maybe you are! In it I wrote about how both men were so fascinated by their work the idea of retirement was not only foreign, but anathema to them. Pete D’Elia was my uncle and passed away 11 years ago, but Seth Glickenhaus, who is 98, is now only just retiring. I mentioned in the post how I’d like to meet Mr. Glickenhaus and ask him about his work and what made him love it so much. Much to my great surprise, my post was forwarded to a colleague of Mr. Glickenhaus’ who arranged for me to meet him. Read More »

Brainstorming Process Guidelines & Tools from

Description:   This is an extensive collection of  ideas, specifications, and instructions for planning and conducting effective brainstorming sessions.  The site provides clear, specific, and practical guidelines and info that will help anyone (experienced facilitator or newbie team leader) run an effective brainstorming session. NOTE :  Be sure to scroll to the end of the page and investigate the “see also…” items , including links to info about such related models as SWOT analysis, PEST analysis, McKinsey Seven-Ss, learning styles, negotiation processes, Four Agreements, and more. Link: Publisher:   From the  “About” page at the website:  “Businessballs is a  free ethical learning and development resource for people and organizations, run by Alan Chapman , in Leicester, England. launched at the end of 1999. The concept began a few years earlier as an experimental online collection of learning and development ideas. The website is now used by about a million people each month.  Alan originally created the Businessballs name for juggling balls  which he used in his training and development business.” What Publisher is Selling:   Consulting services Read More »