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Raw Deal for PMO Practitioners?

I think that PMO Practitioners are still getting a pretty raw deal when it comes to focus on their development. Project managers and programme managers have an abundance of books, training courses, online resources and communities that can be easily tapped into when the time is right to focus on career development activities. Unfortunately PMO practitioners are still left out in the cold. And why is this? Prehaps it is because of the fact that all PMOs are different – tailored to the individual organisation’s business or maybe it’s because we’re still navel gazing and trying to come up with a clear definition of what a PMO is or does (we’ve shot ourselves in the foot with letting PMO stand for not one thing but three – project, programme, portfolio) Whatever the reason – there are a whole host of practitioners within the project management community – who don’t have much choice when it comes to bettering themselves or indeed getting better for the sake of their organisations. Those of you who know me are probably aware that PMO is something I’ve been really interested in for a number of years – 11 years working for the voluntary group PPSOSIG which in turn has now become one of the Specific Interest Groups for the Association for Project Management – the PMOSIG .

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Raw Deal for PMO Practitioners?

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