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PPM and Professional Organisations

In the Project Management Benchmark Report (PMBR) survey we track our respondents’ relationship with Professional bodies such as the APM (Association for Project Management) and the PMI (Project Management Institute) on an annual basis. We feel this is an important aspect of the sector as it has an impact on the ongoing discussions regarding the “professional status” of the sector and the practitioners who are active within it. Our previous blog post on professional affiliations serves as an introduction to this post.   Last year we looked at the levels of participation across those who indicated that they are a member of a professional body:   Event Type Never Occasionally Regularly Org Branch / Chapter Meetings 55% 32% 9% 4% Local Events 47% 40% 10% 2% National Events 56% 37% 7% 1% ©Arras People 2013   We then went on to look at this against the PMI and APM to see if there was any significant difference against the whole group and against each other:   APM – Association for Project Management Event Type Never Occasionally Regularly Organiser Branch / Chapter Meetings 49% 35% 11% 4% Local Events 42% 43% 13% 2% National Events 58% 36% 6% 0% PMI – Project Management Institute Event Type Never Occasionally Regularly Organiser Branch / Chapter Meetings 44% 42% 13% 1% Local Events 41% 44% 13% 2% National Events 41% 47% 11% 1% ©Arras People 2013           As we can from the tables, whilst the figures are slightly better than the overall group for both APM and PMI the numbers who regularly attend events organized by the body are still low. This apparent lack of “user involvement” made us wonder why 25,000 practitioners in the UK have aligned themselves to the PMI (6,000 UK members with 50% in the UK Chapter) and APM (19,500 members). What do they expect/receive for their annual subscription?

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PPM and Professional Organisations

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