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Podio Collaborative Work Platform & Multi-Project Tracking

Description:   From the website – “Podio users create workspaces to collaborate with specific groups of people, use an Employee Network for company-wide communication across departments and locations, and get their work done using Podio Apps. Anyone can build their own Podio Apps without any technical skills, and can choose from hundreds of readily available, free apps in Podio’s App Market. These apps add structure to any business process or project and are connected to social, collaborative activity streams used for commenting and discussion… What really sets Podio apart is how it puts people in control of their work tools, rather than the other way around…”Podio supports these broad functions:  Project Managment Social Intranet Collaboration Product Development CRM & Lead Management Recruiting Event Management The free version supports up to 5 employees, 5 external workers, unlimited workspaces, unlimited apps , and much more.    Link: Publisher: Podio (recently become part of Citrix) – What Publisher is Selling:   Additional services, workspaces, and apps beyond the base number of 5 employees/5 external workers, etc. provided in the free version. (Students and non-profits may be provided special sponsorship.

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Podio Collaborative Work Platform & Multi-Project Tracking

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