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#PMChat: Weekly Live PM Chat on Twitter

Description:   “ Project Management Chat (#PMChat) is a weekly [Twitter-based] discussion hosted by Robert Kelly and Rob Prinzo each Friday from 12-1 pm (EST) .  The topics will focus on Project Management & Leadership techniques, best practices, and so on.  In addition to both Rob’s being named to the Top 10 Up & Coming Project Managers on Twitter, their partnership offers nearly 30 years of diverse experience to the #PMChat participants.  To further add value to this platform, they will invite thought leaders from a range of project management and leadership arenas.” Link to Website:  https://pmchat.net/about-pmchat/ A Twitter Chat? How it works: Overview: As you may know, you can perform a search of the most recent Tweets on Twitter that focus on any given topic by searching for a unique “ hashtag ” related to that topic. So, for example, if you search Twitter for “#pmot” (which stands for “project management of teams”), you will get a list of all recent Tweets that are tagged with the “#pmot” hashtag. To participate in a Twitter Chat , you simply sign in to your free Twitter account at the appointed Chat time. (The #PMChat time is Friday, 12 noon, Eastern US time zone.)  Then follow these steps: Search for this hashtag:  #PMChat Examine the search results, then a) simply read the Tweets and learn, b) reply to particular Tweets, or c) create your own Tweet related to the topic (and be sure to add the #PMChat hashtag to your Tweet so it will appear in the PMChat search stream for everyone to see). Special notes about the #PMChat Live Chat There are typically 4 or 5 questions discussed each hour which begin with a “Q.” So you will see a question like this in your #PMChat search stream:  ”Q1.

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#PMChat: Weekly Live PM Chat on Twitter

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