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#PMChat Pre-Game Show – Nov 02,2022

KPS is excited to host the #PMChat Pre-Game show from 11:30-11:45am (EST) each Friday. As with other KPS Chatter episodes, this is meant to be a 15-minute power session that add tremendous value to your day. Project Management Chat (#PMChat) is a weekly discussion hosted by Robert Kelly and Rob Prinzo, on Twitter, each Friday from 12-1pm (EST). The topics will focus on Project Management & Leaderships techniques, best practices, and so on. In addition to both Robs being named to the Top 10 Up & Coming Project Managers on Twitter, their partnership offers nearly 30 years of diverse experience to the #PMChat participants. Join us for the Pre-Game show…it will be the most valuable 15 minutes of your week! Kelly Project Solutions | Project Management | Leadership | PMChat | PMO

#PMChat Pre-Game Show – Nov 02,2022

About Robert Kelly

Managing Partner of KPS, Co-Founder of #PMChat, Author of Kelly’s Contemplation & Blessed husband/father of 3

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