People – our most important asset!

One of my takeaways from talking to many people during our time at the recent Project Challenge Expo was the level of dissatisfaction with the process of recruitment, especially from those who are impacted by RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing). Interestingly, the levels of frustration are not confined to just one group in the supply chain but were being expressed by different players who came into contact with such implementations. Whilst the outsourcing of recruitment services may work for some scenarios my concern (and it would appear to be shared by others) is if this is applicable for staffing professionals such as Project Managers? Whilst we have heard many times about the frustrations of job seekers (contract and permanent) when it comes to engaging with recruiters, it would appear that the RPO’s are in danger of taking this to a new level of frustration. Typical concerns were about black holes, lack of response and a dearth of people in the process that actually understand what a project management role is. Meanwhile the receivers of the RPO services in the businesses were equally frustrated by what they saw; low quality of candidate match to role requirement; lack of value in understanding requirements; reprocessing of candidates already rejected; time to fill a role. One can only imagine that the procurement team and the accountants are happy, at least they are meeting their objectives of stripping out cost

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People – our most important asset!


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