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New Project Paradigm for Civil Servants

The launch of the Major Projects Leadership Academy sees a new approach in the delivery of government funded projects. With a portfolio of some 200 projects amounting to in excess of £400bn, the Major Projects Authority (MPA) aims to develop civil servants into competent project managers. The ultimate intention is that only someone who has successfully completed the 12-month programme (included written exams) will be qualified to lead major projects. The MPA has already saved £147m and is hopeful that the 60% practical and 40% theoretical/academic development programme run through the Said Business School will produce efficiency savings of 45-85%. £147 million has been saved by the Major Projects Authority through the Major Projects Leadership Academy training The first cohort is scheduled to commence in March, with up to 350 people completing the course within the next 5 years. Given that the MPA estimates less than half of all projects are being delivered efficiently, let us hope that we start to see the result of this work in the next few years. The last few years has seen a run of unsuccessful projects, including the £12.7bn National Programme for IT

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New Project Paradigm for Civil Servants

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