Networking for Project Managers

Tuesday evening in snowy Durham, and 30 project professionals came together to talk ‘networking’. It’s always a difficult subject to talk about – especially when it combined face-to-face networking, internal networking and on-line networking. For some of the audience, face-to-face networking is easy, something project managers have to do on a daily basis. For others it’s a necessary evil – you have to do it but that doesn’t mean it comes naturally. When we started talking about using Linkedin for networking – there were just two people in the room that didn’t have an account – and perhaps surprising to some (me included) not one person was using Twitter! Networking Skills So you can imagine what fun it was keeping thirty people, with varying levels of ‘networkingness’ engaged! I had some great chats with people afterwards and one project manager’s approach to a career change was great and I wanted to share it. Faced with the option of voluntary redundancy, the project manager decided to take it and start planning for the D-day which was 6 months later. They decided to approach the change just like a project and started up a Gantt chart.

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Networking for Project Managers


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