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There is a lot to discuss about what is cooking in the project management kitchen, as this is one of the software categories tightly bound to rising workflow expectations, and one that underwent most changes in recent years.Project Management Software in 2017, nevertheless, won’t expect teams to reinvent the wheel, but rather to fine tune the process, and address issues related to project performance rather than project success. 

As you will see, software development is no longer about revolutionary breakthroughs, but instead focuses on maximization of resource usage and simplifying existing ideas. Optimizing project performance to keep it in line with their budget is something companies did even before, sothe innovation wave of 2017should encourage them to perfect project management. One of the contemporary ways to achieve this is to reduce emergency fire-fighting, and keep a close eye on team’s achievements and workload.

Efficient Team, Better Decisions, Better Risk Management

How well do you know your team?According to statistics, most unsuccessful projects and delivery delays can be associated to internal organization issues, and miscommunication which leads to lack of transparency. With streamlined HR management, where employees have the clearance necessary to unlock the power of their resources, project management breaks records. 2017 will make it obvious that the more you invest in staff development, the bigger the impact will be on project performance.

The same rationale is currently applied to traditional project management software systems, where the mere idea of a positive correlation to higher performance is pushing70% of companies to update their software. As we already explained, there won’t be such a thing as introducing new methodologies (at least not ones that would be classified as must have functionalities), but old ones will be leveraged for analysis.

What should you expect from the modern Project Management Software System in the Year 2017? Let’s summarize:

Per-Project Coverage Plans:

It’s not enough to put an employee in the loop and charge him with a complex project that doesn’t have a benefits package of its own. For the sake of higher productivity, the employee should be motivated on task-by-task basis, so that the company cangain the maximum output of his engagement. Similar tasks were so far covered by streamlined integrations with HR systems, but the years in front of us are likely to deliver similar capabilities to project management software as well. Quite soon, we will be working with systems equipped with coverage plans for every project, and which provide both the tools and the training necessary for employees to get grasp on the project, and do their best to contribute to it. Needless to say, the administrator will be able to distinguish the top performers among them, and reduce the risk of assigning tasks to less competent team members.

Dedication To Collaborative Features:

Proper collaboration is the key for the success of every business activity, and that makes itcritical for project managementas well. In 2017’s project management scenario, flawless communication is identified as the basis for preventing and tackling project-related problems. This means that modern project management software will be tangible technical platforms for distributing information, planning and also for controlling the responsibility of each member allowed to modify the content of the projects.

A Whole New Level Of HR Cost Reporting:

This far, project management software was unimaginable without reporting and analytic capabilities, but despite of all those graphs and colorful charts, many systems failed to complete what they were originally designed for: Reporting on Project Costs. In terms of HR costs, hiring, training, and on-boarding, everything seemed to rely on conventional spreadsheets.

But modern Project Management Software will compare actual expenditure to planned expenditure, refine the list of feasible and desirable HR initiatives, allocate and schedule training resources without approval, compare indicators such as contingency and capital items, and even keep employee management reserves accountable at any moment. Once all parameters have been analyzed and compared, the company will get to estimate all staff-related costs of a particular project displayed in a work breakdown structure, and deduct them from the earned value at every critical phase of that project.

Advanced Programs For Staff Development:

The methods applied to train staff members are the essence of business productivity, which is why developers ensured similar programs will be available on project/task levels, and powered with all necessary tools of a project management software. According to aPractice Waterhouse Cooper’s survey, the number of companies that are introducing staff development programs for project management purposes grew by 35% in only 4 years, and is likely to grow even more in the upcoming years. The trend will also depict most capable and certified performers to manage the projects, and reduce the burden of appointing them in advance and causing irreversible damage to the project’s success.

Project Managers Will Become Portfolio Managers:

One of the trends that catch attention right away is how the organizational culture and internal management of companies became an integral part of project management as soon as a project management software is implemented. Functions like Selection Management and Expense Control that were otherwise endorsed by portfolio management systems, will be covered by the comprehensive project management software, and handled much easier and at a fraction of the usual cost.

Bottom Line

As a result, smart project management software will become the top method for accomplishing important business objectives, and will make sure companies make the most of every individual project and initiative. Business organizations will integrate the use of Project Management Software with their long-term business strategies. Last but not the least, with the help of Project Management Software, companies will be able to maximize the input of their most valuable resource: their employees!

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