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Graduates in Project Management

Last week I was invited along to the Manchester Metropolitan University ‘s Business School to talk to soon-to-be graduating project management students. We’ve done a number of presentations at different universities around the country – and it’s mainly a presentation about getting ready for the realities of life after studies. Part of the presentation can feel demotivating – but the bottom line is, it’s a challenge for most people these days to end up in the job they’re going to love – which means it’s no different for students that are soon graduating too. Like any presentation – you can’t just knock people down without bringing them back up so the second half focuses on what you need to do in preparation for the marketplace. There’s the practical advice around personal stock taking – understanding who you are and what you have to offer. This applies to practitioners as much as it does graduates.  There will be plenty of graduates in the marketplace at the end of the academic year – so what can be done to stand out?

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Graduates in Project Management

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