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Don’t Decide In A Vacuum…Get Clarity!

A number of market forces are making the world a tougher place in which to be successful as a business. Globalization, consumerization of IT, competition from startups and the rise of new technologies are changing the rules. Expanding consumer expectations are creating a marketplace where the most agile businesses thrive, but those who adopt change slowly lose their edge and market share. And even though consumers have increased expectations for innovations, the reality is that neither budgets nor staffing levels are increasing.

Many organizations look to project and portfolio management to help them with this ‘new normal’, transforming how they plan their portfolios and execute their projects. Smart organizations are looking for ways to limit the impediments to innovation, especially when it comes to resources, whether those are assets, human resources, time, or budgets, so the gap between demand and capacity can be lessened. 

When you shift resources from keeping pace with existing delivery to now focus on new products, services and innovations, you have a better opportunity to compete in the marketplace, and this is the transformative opportunity, to move from annual planning and execution of a strategy that may be stale by the time it is implemented to a perpetual one where a business can adapt to changing consumer demands.

But you can’t just decide to make this transformation in a vacuum and expect to be successful.  You need people, process and technology to make it happen.  You need clarity. 

The CA Technologies CA Clarity™ solution gives decision makers the tools they need to plan strategically and execute to the plan.  It empowers businesses to make fact-based decisions about what belongs in the portfolio, and when, and allows them the flexibility needed to shift plans when conditions change.  It gives leaders the perspective they need on how they are spending their limited budgets, so they can better align to business goals, reducing the cost of keeping the lights on and creating capacity for growth.  It gives the PMO the tools it needs to ensure projects are on target and making the best use of high value resources, executing on the strategic plan to deliver value to the business.

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