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Collaborative work management

The natural-born leader lets his team work, and through this leadership style hopefully they get to enjoy the benefits of collaborative working in the project environment. Micromanagement – desperately trying to tell others what to do instead of setting goals and allowing them to bring their skills and experience into play – is one of the most common mistakes that have killed many projects. When you’re smart enough to want your team to be allowed to deliver – or even a little “lazy” when managing your project, there are actually a set of tools that can be used to support collaborative team work. Collaborative work management tools at their basic can give: Visibility of project or department activities Resource planning Control over deadlines Control over focused collaborated team effort Team work management Reports Reporting and notification. When the cases described above are approached with the help of workflow automation and online work management, it can result in costs & time cut by 30%-50% by focusing team work and reducing guesswork. Features The toolset for collaborative work management doesn’t have to be complicated.

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Collaborative work management

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