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CEOs claim CIOs focus “too much” on technology

A new study claims that many CIOs are not sufficiently aligned with business activities and are too preoccupied with technical issues. The study, by Gartner, of 220 CEOs worldwide showed that most CEOs still regard their CIOs as itinerant specialists. The role needs development attention. The CFO was, by far, the most cited close strategy advisor to the CEO in the survey, while CIOs were rarely mentioned. This growing influence of the CFO is also reflected in other recent surveys. For example, a recent study by Google found that the company CFO will increasingly be making decisions relating to the purchasing and management of technology services; particularly as cloud computing becomes more important. Gartner VP Mark Raskino said that his company’s results showed CIOs were rarely seen as the masters of innovation management within the company by the CEO, nor were they thought of as strategy partners.

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CEOs claim CIOs focus “too much” on technology

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