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#PMChat Olympics – Guidelines

As you all know, we are in full swing of celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary of #PMChat and we are ready to kick it into high-gear on the give-aways.  As mentioned last week, stay engaged with the community because you never know when a Trivia question will pop-up.  We have had some tremendous support from so many folks and prizes include books, IPM buttons, t-shirts, blankets, a conference voucher ($2,395 value) and a virtual class ($795 value)!


One item of support that is available to everyone in the #PMChat community (without competing or signing-up) comes from our friends over at ProjectWorld…a 20% discount on their upcoming PW&WCBA 2012 event in Orlando, Fl on September 10-12th.  You can use the following code up to onsite registration to receive the discount: PW12PMCHAT


What Rob and I are really excited for are the #PMChat Olympics!  Think of this as an online/social media scavenger hunt, in which we will provide a series of tasks you must complete in order to win one of the awesome prizes!  Don’t worry…even if this is the first time you have heard of #PMChat, you still have just as good a chance at bringing home one of the prizes.


Rob and I are not lawyers, so the rules below are more of a set of guidelines and no prize can be redeemed for cash value.  This is all meant for us to have some fun, connect, and celebrate a great year of collaboration.

  • To be eligible, prior to next week’s release of ‘Let the Games Begin’, you must tweet a link to this very blog post and say “I am competing in the free #PMChat Olympics, on Aug 16th, for a chance to win prizes worth up to $2,395 USD – Join me & read this (insert link) #pmot”…several posts may result in a prize ;D
  • On August 16th at 11:30 AMEST, I will publish a blog post called “Let The Games Begin” with the exact task list you must complete. This should be a fair time for our audience…plus we are providing notice here.
  • Upon completion, you must email [email protected] stating that you have completed all the tasks in the #PMChat Olympics…give us your name, location/address, and Twitter handle.
  • On August 17th, Rob and I will announce the winners (1st Place & Runner-Up) live during the #PMChat Pre-Game Show….be sure to tune in via KPS Chatter on BlogTalkRadio
  • If anything is unclear, please contact Rob or I…links to us are all over the place!


1st Place: PMCentersUSA is giving away a certificate for one free virtual, instructor-led class. This certificate is good for any project management or business analysis 2-session or 4-session virtual class. The value of this certificate is up to $795.00

Runner-UpProjectWorld & World Congress for Business Analysts is giving away one free conference pass for their 2012 event in Orlando, Fl.  PW&WCBA is the leading conference for project management and business analysis professionals. Main Stage Keynotes featuring SEAL Team Six & World Trade Center, also earn up to earn up to 36 PDUs/CDUs.  The value of this conference pass is valued up to $2,395.00


#PMChat Premier Sponsor

#PMChat is a vendor-neutral community in which we have all come to respect one another and limit the promotion of our companies and their products and/or services.  However, as mentioned last week, we have been supported by some great folks for this anniversary special.  One of those folks is PMCentersUSA, our Premier Sponsor for this celebration.  We hope you will connect with them on Twitter


August is #PMChat Celebration Month!

As most of you know, August 17th will be the 1 year anniversary of #PMChat.  Rob Prinzo and I have been amazed at the support and contributions of the community.  Each week you join us on the Pre-Game Show and collaborate during the TweetUp, as well as joining discussions on the LinkedIn Group.  Additionally, so many of you have stepped in as guest experts on various weekly topics to provide blogs and live interviews.  Without you, we wouldn’t have celebrated 1 month, let alone 1 year.


In turn, Rob and I wanted to make August a month-long celebration for the community. Here is some of the activity we have planned…

  1. Several authors from Gower Publishing will be joining us throughout the month.  Check out the schedule!
  2. Starting today, we will be Tweeting various #PMChat trivia for your chance to win a prize.  We will try to keep these questions/Tweets between  11AM-2PM EST so everyone has a fair shot. These Tweets will only come from @robprinzo or my self (@rkelly976)
  3. On August 17th, the #PMChat Pre-Game Show will be open…folks can call in and share their best memory or ah-hah moment of the year.
  4. The #PMChat Olympics!  Keep your eyes open for details, but this will be a race/scavenger hunt as we get closer to the actual 1year anniversary.  There will be a series of approximately 10 tasks to complete and whoever finishes 1st can win a prize valued north of $500!!
  5. Of course…a lot of laughs along the way!


So remain engaged, keep collaborating with one another, and let’s have an awesome time celebrating what you have all built over the past year!


Thank you to all of our sponsors that have donated prizes for the celebration:




The Project Box

The Prinzo Group

Naomi Caietti

Kelly Project Solutions, LLC


#PMChat Notes by Lindsay Scott

As you all know, Rob and I are always calling for contributions to the #PMChat platform.  We have opportunities to submit topic ideas, be a guest contributor here on PMChat.net and/or the Pre-Game Show, as well as join/start a LinkedIn discussion.  The success of this community comes from your continued support, open collaboration, and restraint in trying to sell stuff.  Let me take a moment to applaud you all.  This community continues to grow at an exceptional rate and for the most part, the calendar remains full and guests contribute almost every week.  Thank You!


With that said, we are always for new ways for the community to participate and someone stepped up….  We have not posted the recap notes for sometime and Lindsay Scott took care of that this week.  Check out her #PMChat notes!  Thank you so much Lyndsay!


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PMChat Recap November 18, 2021

Last week on #PMChat we had the honor of having Joel Bancroft-Conners and Hogarth the Gorilla as our expert guests for a conversation about Project Management Methodologies. Joel contributed an excellent article for the #PMChat weekly blog that compared choosing a project management methodology to gambling on the roulette wheel. Joel also joined the PreGame Show to expand on the topic. Thanks again to Joel for his contribution!

Now on to the recap:

Q1 – Has PM Methodology come down to Agile vs. Waterfall or are others

  • @klkaz @null #pmchat A1. People still use waterfall?  
  • @Project_Mom @null A1: From my perspective, yes. Although, there is also a “hybrid” of using both together (ducking from Agile purists now…) 
  • @sewah_kram @null #pmchat A1. I’d say yes it has… or a combination of the two. 
  • @projectmgmt A1. My first reaction to that question was, gosh how cliquey project mgmt has got with its weird exclusive language 
  • @JBC_PMP A1: Waterfall is a catch all that covers a lot of structured planning processes. It still has value in some areas 
  • @JBC_PMP A1: Dr. Thompson once said I wouldn’t use Scrum to build a nuclear reactor, but I would use Agile principles to manage team 
  • @michael_greer A1 – I always urge teams to create custom PM life cycles reflecting unique characteristics of deliverables, industry QA points, etc 
  • @UnlikeBefore Yup, lots of big vendors do despite what they say. RT @klkaz: #pmchat A1. People still use waterfall?  

Q2: What types of projects better suit Agile or Waterfall?

  • @ronrosenhead A2: trying to classify is surely wrong.? Can we say a change prog is better using agile than w’fall? Doubt it 
  • @JBC_PMP A2: Agile: Change often, Customer close – Waterfall: Predictable, Compliance 
  • @UnlikeBefore #PMChat A2: Can the approach ‘suggested’ be at all influenced by the profit margin? Sometimes… That’s the cynical view of course
  • @klkaz @null #pmchat A2. B Some projects need more process than others, but both Agile/Waterfall have process. I like decentralization. 
  • @dwrichy A2: Business/market expansion is best with waterfall. You’re not iterating on what people like. Meeting statutory requirements. #PMChat 
  • @JBC_PMP A2: If you focus on the team, then the process doesn’t really matter. Process is a tool, not a roadblock. #PMChat 
  • @michael_greer A2. Key: team feels the process supports their creations/hand-offs. Should be team-generated (ratified/embraced) not just tolerated 

Q3: Are Agile/Waterfall methodologies at all? Methodology vs. Best Practices?

  • @Project_Mom @null A3: if these are not methodologies, then what would be? 
  • @projectmgmt A3. And to expand that – do good managers need methodologies or is it just because PMs are special  
  • @sewah_kram @null A3. They are methodologies but can be used as best practices (especially when used as a hybrid) 
  • klkaz @null #pmchat A3. Methologies, yes. Best practice, for me, is when I adapt/deliver/succeed and re-use. But no one write a book about it  
  • @JBC_PMP A3: Waterfall is a catch all term for plan driven methodologies like BDUF, Six Sigma, Prince2. It’s not an actual proess itself 
  • @RailComm_Paola @null A3. I like to refer to them as @wikipedia does: “guidelines for solving a problem 
  • @projectmgmt RT @JBC_PMP: A3: Agile isn’t a methodology, it’s a manifesto. Scrum, Lean, XP are methdologies that follow Agile principles. 

Q4: How do you explain methodology to non-PMs, the business?

  • @klkaz @null #pmchat A4. Proven approaches which can offer a starting point, that we can adapt to suit your business needs 
  • @dwrichy A4: Very carefully 
  • @ronrosenhead A4: it’s about how u deliver the change. Need a simple process; lets design one or how does this fit… 
  • @michael_greer A4 – a) controlled, inspected evolution to minimize rework & costs b) give examples script/shoot/edit/deliver film; house/blueprint 
  • @AndyBud #pmchat A4 I translate it to basics, the approach will ensure transparency, control and a greater chance of success 
  • @rkelly976 A4: Remember, many PMs have moved heavily to buzzwords. @projectmgmt mentioned cliquey. We have to talk their language, translate 
  • @michael_greer A4 – emphasize inspection & “do a little at a time” to prevent rework — (justify our successive approximations) 

Q5: Common challenges when trying to ‘shift’ to Agile? How to overcome?

  • @Project_Mom @null A5: buy-in and understanding -overcome by information 
  • @JBC_PMP A5: Not focusing on the benefits. Too many folks change because its “hip” 
  • @dwrichy A5: Shifting attention from the final delivery date to the current sprint. 
  • @michael_greer A5 Challenge: Want to “lock in” big, fat waterfall for contracting.Overcome w/ appeal of empowerment (more control w/ small chunks) 
  • @UnlikeBefore #PMChat A5: It’s a culture shift that needs commitment from everyone. Scattergun approach won’t work 
  • @sewah_kram @null A5. I can be ‘as Agile as a cat’, doesn’t mean my client wants to be! 
  • @projectmgmt A5. Agile is just not a big thing in the UK – we rarely get asked for it when recruiting PMs 

Q6: What are some misconceptions of waterfall? It can’t all be bad, is it?

  • @dwrichy A6: “In Agile, we’re flexible! We don’t NEED requirements or design!” 
  • @klkaz @null #pmchat A6. I’ve managed, led, and participated in very successful waterfall projects. Doesn’t always mean slow/over budget. 
  • @JBC_PMP Q6: The first misconception is the word Waterfall. Royce used it as an example of a flawed model. It’s a bad catch all phrase. 
  • @michael_greer A6 -That it’s only for large projects (construction, aerospace). Yet every home remodel, media production, church bake sale uses it 
  • @rkelly976 A6: Doesn’t have to be slow w/one massive delivery date. I have said I am a pig going over a waterfall 
  • @AndyBud A6, ‘current buzzwords’ waterfall is seen as ‘sooo last year’ or by its name a lower class of project delivery 
  • @talkingwork A6. Waterfall gets a bad rap for being too “controlling”. It doesn’t have to be that way – it’s a natural progression that flows


Thanks again to the #PMChat community for your continued support and participation. #PMchat will be on vacation Friday November 25 in honor of the US Thanksgiving Holiday. We look forward to see everyone back on Friday December 2nd. We are finalizing the topics for December and January’s  and we will have them posted soon.



#PMChat Recap November 11, 2022

With all the talk of project management best practices and certifications, it is good to occasionally step back and look at where these pursuits will lead us in career development. Last week on #PMchat, we had the honor of having Lindsay Scott, Director of Programme and Project Management Recruitment at Arras People  contribute a guest post and join us on the PreGame show to discuss careers in project management.

The conversation continued on the Twitter. Here is the recap:

Q1: What is the best way for PM to find a job or contract?

  • @JBC_PMP A:1- Being a PM is about interacting with people. So don’t use job boards, use your relationships. Bypass the HR Screen
  • @danalcraig A1: My first choice is always networking…exhaust your contacts first. #PMChat
  • @PPMpractitioner A1 Best way would be through your network. 80% of roles filled this way #
  • @irivera A1: Networking
  • @BridgePM referal from another PM or thu and agency like ours the specilizes in PM work
  • @projectmgmt A1. After personal networks and colleagues – look at the people you’ve worked with – third parties, subcontractors, clients
  • @JBC_PMP A1: All that said, don’t neglet your LinkedIn Profile. Recruiter Searches put recently touched profiles at the top of the list
  • @dwrichy A1: Market yourself for those rare occasions when someone will find and approach you


 Q2: What does a PM need to do to really stand-out in the pile of resumes?

  • @PPMpractitioner A2 Relevant skills & experience, expressed in a meaningful way that resonates with the reader!
  • @projectmgmt A2. Example of being relevant? If the job is a business change PM make sure the opening sentence doesn’t say IT project manager!
  • @PamStanton A2. Focus your resume on results delivered, not the process used. State it financial/business terms
  • @JBC_PMP A2: Keep it simple, focus on accomplishments and burn those silly “objective/executive” statements. As Friday says, “Just the Facts”
  • @rkelly976 A2: Don’t list basic job duties (that is what they hire for) – highlight your achievements, why your better then others
  • @projectmgmt A2. Pay attention to the usual; no fancy formatting, spelling, grammar, wrong dates, don’t try and hide something, add a cover note.
  • @PamStanton A2. Think of a resume as a marketing brochure, not a diary or confession
  • @dwrichy A2: State numbers. How many products you launched, apps you developed, the sales pipeline you supported
  • @danalcraig A2. The cover letter is your real chance to differentiate yourself. And do your research about the company/project!
  • @CheriEssner Provide the reader with a story of delivered results 
  • @danalcraig A2: Good conversation on @Focus right now about relevance of cover letters http://t.co/FH24YpY5 #PMChat 


Q3: What are the top 3 mistakes PMs make when searching for a job?

  • @JBC_PMP A3: Not treating it like a project. Not picking up the phone. Not researching your interviewees before the interview
  • @michael_greer A3 – Top mistake = not enough follow up, personal contact; assume “it’s right there in writing” is enough
  • @PPMpractitioner A3 Assuming it is easy!
  • @PamStanton A3. Overloooking jobs not titled as “PM” but leveraging those skills.
  • @projectmgmt A3. Not treating everyone in the chain with courtesy, respect – PMs can sometimes be arrogant and bolshy (in my exp!)
  • @ProjExperts A3: Taking the first job that comes along is a BIG MISTAKE
  • @NVMichele A3. Making sure you’re really a good fit, not just for project itself but for the team culture
  • @michael_greer Good link! RT @projectmgmt: A3. PMI’s career central article http://t.co/DcrroTl5 #pmchat includes too many pages! 2-3 max


Q4: What is your advice for somebody who wants to become a project manager?

  • @PamStanton A4. Develop leadership skills & emotional intelligence as well as PM discipline 
  • @neilawalker A4 Look for companies that are very #project-oriented. AND will support your #PM development 
  • @michael_greer A4 – Apprentice yourself; watch proj. mgrs, volunteer to help create/update PM artifacts. Become one by gently infiltrating & doing 
  • @ProjExperts A4: Interview PM’s on their day to day activities to see if this is a good fit for your skills – it’s not for everyone 
  • @danalcraig A4: Care more about people than you do technology. And get out of your own head. It’s not about you – it’s about producing results 
  • @JBC_PMP A4: Understand that from now on its people first, not technology. 
  • @rkelly976 A4: Check out “A Day in the life a PM” e-book : http://t.co/kr7iO3H2 
  • @michael_greer A4 Don’t assume you need #PMP cert; Dare to document your own skills & certify yourself [It can be done!] http://t.co/W1K1j3Am #pmchat #ftpm 

Q5: What do you or would you look for when interviewing project managers?

  • @danalcraig A5: Experience – “been there, done that”, but still open to learning (no ‘smartest guy in the room’ crap 
  • @PPMpractitioner A5 Seasoned experience in dealing with similar projects. Plus the gravitas to deal with people at any level 
  • @JBC_PMP A5: if they think there is one right way, then they are not right for the job 
  • @BridgePM Ask about their approach to Risk Management 
  • @projectmgmt A5. Ultimately in the interview you’re looking for excellent baseline skills in comms, relations + leading 
  • @PamStanton A5. I usually ask the receptionist how they behaved in the lobby- when they think no one was looking. 

Don’t forget the entire #PMChat session can be viewed via Twapperkeeper

Join us this week, as #PMChat discusses Project Management Methodologies. Same time, same place!