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Book Review: The Eight Constants of Change by Change Guides

The Eight Constants of Change may seem like an oxymoronic title to some, but in my experience there are many common issues that need to be managed during any transformational change project, including the perennial key issue of conflict. This is because there can’t be any progress without any conflict. Stacy Aaron & Kate Nelson’s neat little book, in my view, is probably not aimed at skilled and experienced change practitioners. It does, however, provide useful a bird’s eye view of the issues senior managers need to be aware of when planning an implementing change. Kate Nelson, left, and Stacy Aaron are the authors of The Eight Constants of Change and co-partners in American-based change management consultancy Change Guides, LLC. Click the image to learn more about Change Guides. The 120 pages or so pages comprising this book contain many useful suggestions, anecdotes and templates to help those sponsoring and/or responsible for change: quality assure their change plans and change interventions for completeness; inform their tentative ideas about how to improve the chances of their changes sticking (i.e

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Book Review: The Eight Constants of Change by Change Guides

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