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Avoiding 7 Pitfalls – Using SharePoint to Improve Project Delivery

SharePoint 2010 is an enabling tool utilized to dramatically change the project environment. Creating a more productive project environment helps you launch the continuous improvement phase of your Project Management “Best Practices” program from a more efficient and effective starting point. Key elements of a more productive project environment include: Collaboration – Enhancing your project environment to create more effective interaction between team members. Providing a single source for the truth Upgrading version control for key project artifacts Establishing closed loop communications Streamlining Processes – Utilizing a tool to establish or enhance project management related processes. Establish structure via lists and libraries Use workflow and alerts to reduce cycle time associated with reviews/approvals Measuring Performance – Capturing the data required to measure project performance, and make the appropriate “course corrections”. Measurements are a by-product of the project work performed SharePoint provides a platform to communicate “real-time” project performance metrics I have worked with a number of clients that have seen some incremental improvements in their project environment using SharePoint, but they have not realized tangible improvements in their project delivery outcomes. I will generally find common themes / problems in situations where SharePoint has not enabled more consistent and effective application of project management of best practices, and improved project results

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Avoiding 7 Pitfalls – Using SharePoint to Improve Project Delivery

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