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August is #PMChat Celebration Month!

As most of you know, August 17th will be the 1 year anniversary of #PMChat.  Rob Prinzo and I have been amazed at the support and contributions of the community.  Each week you join us on the Pre-Game Show and collaborate during the TweetUp, as well as joining discussions on the LinkedIn Group.  Additionally, so many of you have stepped in as guest experts on various weekly topics to provide blogs and live interviews.  Without you, we wouldn’t have celebrated 1 month, let alone 1 year.


In turn, Rob and I wanted to make August a month-long celebration for the community. Here is some of the activity we have planned…

  1. Several authors from Gower Publishing will be joining us throughout the month.  Check out the schedule!
  2. Starting today, we will be Tweeting various #PMChat trivia for your chance to win a prize.  We will try to keep these questions/Tweets between  11AM-2PM EST so everyone has a fair shot. These Tweets will only come from @robprinzo or my self (@rkelly976)
  3. On August 17th, the #PMChat Pre-Game Show will be open…folks can call in and share their best memory or ah-hah moment of the year.
  4. The #PMChat Olympics!  Keep your eyes open for details, but this will be a race/scavenger hunt as we get closer to the actual 1year anniversary.  There will be a series of approximately 10 tasks to complete and whoever finishes 1st can win a prize valued north of $500!!
  5. Of course…a lot of laughs along the way!


So remain engaged, keep collaborating with one another, and let’s have an awesome time celebrating what you have all built over the past year!


Thank you to all of our sponsors that have donated prizes for the celebration:




The Project Box

The Prinzo Group

Naomi Caietti

Kelly Project Solutions, LLC


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