Assess for Success

If success means tangible business value then projects must deliver something that actually fits what the business needs. Yet over time these two can and do get out of synch.  By stepping away from the mechanics of a project we can assess and decide if it’s really worth continuing. It’s been a while between blog posts but I’ve had some projects on the go that have kept me more than occupied. Some have been client projects and others personal. One thing’s for sure, whether you’re… Managing a project, eg: house extension, ERP system implementation, or search, selection and procurement exercise; or Part of a project team; or Consulting about projects, ie: an individual project itself or the structures and processes that support and govern them, and how they’re strategically aligned. …much of what we do in our work and lives is project based. That’s got me pondering two questions: How often are projects assessed?

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Assess for Success


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