2013 #PMChat | Top 10 Project Managers on Twitter

2013 #PMChat | Top 10 Project Managers on Twitter

As many of you know, #PMChat is a wonderful community of project managers that collaborate primarily via Twitter on topics including PM best practices, leadership, team building, and careers.  If this is your first time visiting us then let me introduce the community.  “#PMChat is a wonderful community of project managers that collaborate primarily via Twitter on topics including PM best practices…”  Sorry, I had to. 


We have seen a number of Top 10 PM lists in the past (here and here) and the #PMChat community was listed on one as well (extremely honored).  We may have missed a 2013 edition, so please let us know of other out there, so we thought we would publish one. Here is how the list was created:

1.  We started by asking the all the Project Managers On Twitter (#pmot) to submit their favorite PMs.

2. We wanted to tally up the top 15, but it was so close that we created a top 18

3. We then created a survey and asked every #pmot to go and make their final votes.


While a few #PMChat hosts are named, we do believe this was an open, unbiased list created by the wonderful world of Twitter (plus, votes for ourselves were not counted).  Of course some amazing PMs were left out and we look forward to hearing your suggestions in the comments below.  In the end, this is designed to help connect people and hopefully share a few new names…especially for those new to either #pmot or #PMChat


10.  @APMProjectMgmtThe official Twitter page for The Association for Project Management – the professional body for the project management industry.

9.   @mkaplanPMPFounder of http://www.SoftPMO.com ; recognized leader in improving execution and resource management; author of Project Execution Guide

8.   @UnlikeBeforeProgramme, Project & Change management; delivers business value from technology change projects in Medium & Large Co’s. Likes Execs & Co’s that give a damn.

7.   @corneliusfichtProject manager, PMP trainer, host of The PM Podcast, public speaker and gummi bear addict

6.   @PMVoicesFollow the Voices on Project Management blog from Project Management Institute. It features insights on all things PM, written by and for project practitioners.

5.   @SusanneMadsenProject Management Leadership Coach, and author of The Project Management Coaching Workbook. I help project managers become truly successful project leaders.

4.   @beglandBusiness Solution Designer & IT/PM/Marketing Consultant & author. Married, Christian, father of 9, Iowa Hawkeye & Cheap Trick fan living in Las Vegas.

3.   @EdmontonPMI am a PMP, IT Team Manager & PM Mentor who tweets about PDUs Team Development PM BA Leadership & Agile topics. For an archive of the PDUs Of The Day, visit

2.   @projectmgmtEnthusiatic programme and project office bod. Dir of Project Management Recruitment business – Arras People. Also editing a PM book out 2013.

1.   @rkelly976Managing Partner of Kelly Project Solutions | Co-Founder of @PMChat | Certified Project Manager| Blessed husband/father of 3


Honorable Mentions and simply awesome folks! @ThePMCoach, @pmhut, @ITMPI, @HalaSaleh1, @ruffh2o, @pmiagile, @rvvargas, and @PRINCE2PROJECT


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