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20 Essential Tips for Project Leaders

1.  Spend your time pro-actively – the number ONE project leadership tip is to focus your attention on the long term as opposed to being reactive and firefight in the present moment. The more time you spend planning and building relationships, the fewer issues you will encounter later in the project.  2. Deliver on your promises  – it’s essential that what you say is credible and that your stakeholders trust your opinion. Always be conservative in your estimates and never promise a delivery you are not sure you can meet. To be safe, produce a detailed plan and remember to build in contingency. 3.  Focus on business benefits – to be of ultimate value, you must focus on the delivery of business benefits to your client; not just the tangible outcomes of your project. This requires you to have a good understanding of the business domain, to challenge the status quo, and to fully embrace the project’s end goal and vision

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20 Essential Tips for Project Leaders

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