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Most business owners put so much thought into naming their companies that you wonder how any of these funny business names slipped through. Is it the syndrome where they just looked at it way too many times to be objective? Did they just need another pair of eyes? Do they have a serious problem with their sense of humor?

Here’s a tip: Don’t come up with your business name while you’re hidden away in your dark “thinking space” after a few too many drinks and without consulting anyone.

It’s a process. Come up with lots of possibilities, and get lots of opinions and advice from people you trust.

Even better, hire a company to name your business for you. Think about it: you want your business name to resonate with every single one of your potential customers. In the end, it doesn’t really matter how you came up with it or that it was the nickname of your pet rat in college.

Maybe those funny business names are out there to help us feel better about our own business names, or maybe they are intended to make us laugh. Either way, they are hilarious. Check out these business names that are:

  • Creative
  • Not So Creative
  • X-Rated
  • Blissfully Ignorant
  • Sorely Mistaken

The Creative Business Names

They say 50% of all marriages end in divorce. These guys have an interesting exit strategy.

Taking Spanglish a little too far?

This business gives the saying “swimming with the fishes” a whole new meaning.

Come here next time you forget your anniversary.

Authentic accent included.

Winner of the longest business name that’s totally worth every word.

London’s newest stop on the pub crawl tour for carpenters.

Watch your back in this store.

For the mullet in all of us.

Bringing a bit of optimism into the dreaded tax season.

They’re pretty emphatic about their restaurant.

Why ask for anything more?

Somehow, this sounds like a lingerie shop for dogs.

So perfect if you’re looking for a hairdresser. Kind of disconcerting otherwise.

Something tells me Aerosmith has never been here.

The perfect cross between retro and obsolete.

If adventure has a name, it must be Spot, Fido, or Rover.

And yet there is no one in sight.

Makes you want to buy something. And something else. And another thing. Oh, and one last thing…

Not So Creative Business Names

Dirty, dirty dogs.

Not the type of fetish that’s best associated with food.

They only sell light oak cabinets.

Don’t tell me what to do.

No means no.

Crossing the line from repulsive to completely offensive.

This one’s just a don’t.

This business is legal in every state.

When no one else can see your imaginary friends, pick up one of these.

They’ll crack ’em open for just about anyone.

X-Rated Business Names

A little fun for everyone.

This adds a whole new meaning to happy ending.

They charge by the hours, so the sooner the better.

It’s how babies are made.

This construction company has the biggest tools.

Is it a tit nipply in here?

Not the type of place your mama would like you hanging out in.

You leave wanting more.

Even in the eggsluts?

Making up for short guy complex perhaps?

We specialize in nudes.

Arsehole Inn is across the street.

And you thought getting your nipples pierced was extravagant.

A solid foundation for a questionable reputation.

Where the Eggsluts get their beverages.

Big Boy’s Asian counterpart.

You will leave feeling completely spent.


Hercules’ misfit brother opened a pizza place.

Everything you need for one hour on the town.

A blind date disaster area.

This is not a Jewish company.

It’s all about the rear view.

Where you go when you’re feeling a little confrontational.

Walk away quickly. And backwards.

A special kind of novelty shop.

Like Viagra on steroids, all contained in a speedy red van.

An obvious cover.

Throw him some beads and he’ll show them to you.

Does this even need an explanation? Yes. Yes, it does.

For the solo fisherman.

A twist on your typical one-hour motel.

A superhero who isn’t afraid to show his true colors.

Just telling it like it is.

Sometimes, business owners seem to ignore how the visuals play with the name.

Apparently this is a necessary service.

Surprisingly delicious.

Anything to get your attention.

This is one business name that is a big turnoff. Not exactly what you want surrounding your electronics.

Most people just prefer a quick rinse in the shower.

They want everyone to know there is only one boss.

Blissfully Ignorant Business Names

Every middle schooler snickers when they see this one.

When your family name is hilarity inducing, it definitely attracts attention.

You definitely don’t want to touch these guys with a 10-foot pole.

The opposite of Febreze.

Even biblical allusions can give the wrong impression.

A confidence-boosting, pleasure-inducing business name.

Hopefully a creatively named cleaner is next door.

A horrible one-stop shop.

You always wondered why you attracted a certain type of patron from across the street.

Wouldn’t you rather avoid this?

Sorely Mistaken Business Names

You come out of here dark, crispy, and slathered with sticky sauce.

Appealing to ladies and gentlemen alike.

At least someone admits why people really go to the hair salon.

Such a cute pun you’re bound to check out these pests.

Everyone from parents to the family dog can catch something here.

Can they turn off that barking motor?

They go together like peanut butter and jelly.

The new millennium’s version of the Eagles’ “Witchy Woman.”

That’s a picture of the marketing team. They need lots of creative thinking to sell this one.

Just don’t try the food.

Those fish are not in the Boy Scouts.

Did those bold letters not spell anything out to the business owner?

After the initial consultation, you’re hooked.

Everything you need for a stay in the bathroom.

A beautiful sign that gets a terrible reaction.

Not sure what exactly you will find in this establishment.

Asia’s newest cult fad.

They’re not telling you anything you don’t know.

For those who just aren’t ready to say goodbye.

This sounds painful.

Something tells me she doesn’t live here.

When you don’t want to lie to your sponsor, you come here.

No matter how delicious the piranhas are, don’t eat anything that can eat you!

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