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March 24, 2017 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Robert Kelly

After 5 years, #PMchat has proven to be an amazing community of project managers and business leaders, that come together on Twitter to discuss best practices on various topics.  As far as guest hosting, I try to keep it very informal and little-to-no rules…just open, real collaboration about topics effecting project management, business, etc.  When the Twitter chat starts (12 PMEST), we introduce you and welcome folks to the session. Then you take it from there by tweeting your questions from your Twitter account. 

  • You would start questions at about 12:05-12:07 and then post a new questions every 5-7 minutes after that. The timing really depends on the conversation. If it is slow, with little response then you might put out the next question every 5 minutes. If folks are engaged and really collaborating arounf a question, you might hold off a bit before posting the next.  
  • From time to time, you retweet a good comment or respond to someone, to keep the community engaged and recognize individuals. The community kind of takes off with each question you post 🙂  We suggest that you prepare 6-8 questions, but typically you get out about 6.
  • The following is a snapshot from a recent #PMChat…
    • 400+ Tweets, reached approximately 1.035 million people.We had 25 actively engaged participants, with another +/- 6 that dropped in and added a ‘drive-by’ comment.Approximately 77% are male, with the ladies making up the balance.Primary language preference was English, with top 5 countries engaged being US, UK, Australia, Canada, and then India
    • Lastly, @Inc Magazine names #PMchat one of the top ’15 Twitter Chats for Every Phase of Your Business’ –
  • has experienced 169% growth (month-on-month) in 2016, so we are still going very strong!!

Sign up is easy, all topics and industries are welcomed, and it is a ton of fun!!


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